"My belief in the power of yoga is absolute"

Yoga instructed the way it should be; guided with a deep knowledge of the poses and care for where you are at in your practice.

A traditional perspective taught in a modern context.

Personal Bio

My home base is my beautiful studio in Mosman Park, Perth. My classroom is many places however, and I truly love being able to connect with others who relish the opportunity to roll out a mat and take a moment to delight in their practice.

I didn’t always have yoga as my daily ritual. Like many, I lived a life of pace and change, always on a quest to be perfect, to be ahead of the pack and to tick off boxes. The pace of life is still just as busy for me now but the purpose is different. There is a fire that burns deep to share the gift of yoga and it is with that fire that I chase my dreams.

Yoga is a lifestyle, one that ecompasses the vitality of mind, body and soul. There is no separateness which I have truly come to understand. My teachings are very personal and carry messages to be taken well beyond the mat.


Lululemon athletica: Store ambassador

Lululemon are a powerhouse in the active wear industry. Their ethos and passion for getting the most out of life are much the same as mine which is why it is a pleasure to be Cottesloe’s store ambassador.

Pitanga: Local ambassador

It’s exciting when a local company can compete with big brand products. Ideal for yoga, Pitanga are a must have label in any female yogi’s wardrobe. Find samples at my studio and soon in my online store. Link to video

Wanderlust: Studio supporter

If Wanderlust is not on your bucket list then I suggest you add it! A celebration of mindful living, Wanderlust is a great way to enjoy your yoga on a whole new level. Get amongst it!

Pure glow cleanse: Avid supporter

As a regular practice of mine, pressed juice cleanses help to restore and rebalance. Pure Glow Cleanse has a range of juices to ensure you get the most of the sacred act of cleansing.

Mala Collective: Local ambassador

Mala beads (commonly known as prayer beads) have a rich association with yoga and always adorn my wrists. Mala Collective offer a great range of authentic mala beads hand made in Bali with many available at my studio.

A Bit Hippy: Local ambassador

An amazing collection of Australian made skin care products pure as the Aussie summer. I highly recommend you get a bit hippy and put some of these in your basket. The range has all bases covered to get you covered!

People say…

"Six months later, i’m now doing 3 classes a week, and home classes where possible, i feel great! My 1-on-1 sessions with rhyanna, has taught me how to live and work in a conscious manner through presence & awareness. My connection with my children has grown ten fold and now I’ve become the favourite in the house :)"

Tri Pham
Ella Waterworth

"Time and again I find myself implementing what Rhy teaches ‘on the mat’ to my life ‘off the mat’. Strength and softness, choosing when and how to balance these... It is not about the pose or end point, but the journey of getting there"

"Years of basketball activity, training and long hours behind a desk have contributed to various injuries and ailments. My initial goal of yoga was to be able to touch my toes but it now goes much further. She is the Michael Jordan of yoga without a doubt!"

Des Sit