Mentorship: Teaching Focused


The mentorship program is for select candidates only. If you feel the mentorship program is right for you, please take the time to answer the questionnaire. All candidates will be assessed and interviewed to determine if a place will be offered.

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Available to approved graduates of a 200-hour teacher training course, or those currently enrolled in a TT course.

This 6 month continued learning program is designed to give you the hands-on experience, skills and individual guidance needed to take your teaching to a whole new level.

While undertaking teacher training it is common to be overwhelmed by the information presented and therefore forget the fine details that play a key role in defining a teacher. This mentorship program helps to develop a broad range of skills such as:

  • dialogue and communication, assisting and adjusting, creative class sequencing, sustaining a healthy practice, building confidence in pranayama and meditation, working one-on-one privately with students, managing student injuries, teaching to large groups, business and marketing advice, philosophy, and developing your uniqueness.

* Mentee is to have their own insurance and ABN to invoice for paid sessions.

Max 90 Winter Sneakerboot

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Participants Benefit From:

  • Fortnightly class-assisting with Rhy followed by 1/2 hour debrief/question time following each session
  • 6 required “Deepen your knowledge” practicums with Rhy and other mentees (One 2 hour session per month with weekday and weekend options)
  • Consideration for workshop/retreat assisting and/or complimentary attendance
  • Consideration for corporate, small group, private and studio classes as both covers and your own gig. (All sessions paid at $50/class with commission offered as classes grow)
    * Note: In any calendar month you may be asked to step up and cover up to 2 studio classes without payment and as part of your training.
  • Unlimited email/ phone support
  • Assistance in finding other teaching rolls outside of RVL Yoga (no guarantee of job placement)
  • Complimentary classes at the studio for the duration of the mentorship (valued at $24/session)
  • 15% discount on all RVL store products
Duration 6 months
Where Camelot Theatre (Upstairs), Mosman Park
Price $1380 up front (save $90) or,
$245 monthly for 6 months