Sydney - Fluid Spine Workshop

Sydney - Fluid Spine Workshop

This event is in SYDNEY with Barefoot Yoga.

Open your heart, lengthen your spine and dispel your fear of the unknown.

For some people backbending comes naturally while others have to work more deliberately to find freedom. However it is for you, together we will look at how to deepen and create ease in your backbends.

This workshop is great for guys with limited flexibility as well as the more advanced bendy yogi who needs to build strength. Come one, come all!


Covered points:

  • Lecture style and discussion on the anatomy of backbending
  • Exploration of individuals modifications
  • Creating good habits in foundational backbends
  • Action and discovery, a warming sequence intertwined with backbending variations for all levels
  • Counterposes to free the spine after backbending
Date 10th October
Time 12:30pm - 3:00pm
Where Barefoot Yoga in Sydney
Price $55.00
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