Singapore - Weekend Immersion

Singapore - Weekend Immersion

This event is in Singapore and is coordinated by Alpha Balance.

A weekend immersion of 6 unique workshops. Participate in all six workshops or drop in on only those that you feel will serve you best.

- Friday 7pm; Masterclass (2hrs)
- Saturday 10am; Fluid Spine (2hrs)
- Saturday 2pm; Perfecting your postures (2hrs)
- Sunday 10am; Standing on your hands (2hrs)
- Sunday 2pm; Vinyasa Playground (2hrs)
- Sunday 5pm; Meditation Workshop (2hrs)

Further details on each module above will be uploaded shortly.

For bookings go to and click on 'Workshops' or 'Special Events' in the white field. 

I hope to see you there!


*Note: Price below is in Singapore Dollars



Date 15th January - 17th January
Where Singapore
Price $400.00 (or $80 per individual session)
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