Make Me Meditate

Make Me Meditate

Taking the time to develop a regular practice of meditation enhances perspective, balance, and focus in life. Busy people from all backgrounds can find joy in taking a moment to pause and enjoy a refreshing dose of the present moment each day. 

Join me for this afternoon meditation workshop where you will learn take-home skills on how to create a meditation practice that works for you.  

'When we embrace the moment and be NOW, our awareness starts to penetrate and release unconscious holding patterns of stress and tension in the body-mind. This in turn creates the clarity, peace and harmony that we seek. Our true radiant nature of Being, that is full of peace and contentment, can only ever be realised in the moment, Here and Now.'


*No refunds are offered for this event sorry

Date 1st May
Time 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Where Upstairs Studio Camelot Theatre
Price $60.00
Package Sold Out