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Into winter we go 9th of May, 2014
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I must admit, this time of year is my least favourite... when it starts to get cold. The morning crispness, while initially a refreshing change, digs its heals in and refuses to leave.

It was just this week that I noticed how dark it now was when I saluted the (still sleeping) sun during my morning practice, how cold my feet were during savasana, and how much extra motivation I appeared to need to do anything at all.

Ok, so I live in Perth. Winter really doesn't get that cold. There is no chance of snow and no skating on the river, open fires are rare and the need for cloak rooms is minimal. However, life is about the little things and my bubble of summertime bliss is burst! No longer can I jump out of bed and practice in my lululemon boogie shorts and it seems not the time to jump on the scooter with my man. The beach lacks allure with it's choppy waters and slightly grey sand, my bathers lay beyond layers of clothing, and my freezing toes ask of me to wear shoes!

Over my time living back in the real world where this thing called 'winter' exists, I have come up with a few key components to get me through. Here we go -


1. Drink tea, lots of it.
Buy an array of flavours, a big mug to wrap your hands around and refill all day long. My faves: Pukka teas. Three Ginger is a winner! And don't forget the faithful Prana Chai available from my store. Here is a guide to making chai at home (albeit with a rather serious host).


2. A bit of yogic breathing!
Kapalbhati can generate heat within the body. Aside from the instant core warmth it helps rid the body of harmful toxins in mind and body and prevent illnesses, improves immunity and  purges negative thoughts, a winner for winter!
Check out this quick vid for a kapalbhati walkthru.

* Aside from seated I like to practice Kapalbhati in both Downward Dog and Plank poses to generate extra warmth.


3. Savasana socks.
lululemon think of everything, check them out. I personally love these and they may make a class appearance soon. Bringing back the 80's!


4. Moroccan food, exotic grains and lots of spices.
In summer I skip out of cooking a lot. With smoothies and salads making up 90% of my diet. Much to the pleasure of my man in the cooler months I crave a little more 'body' in my daily menu. My favourite winter warmers hail from Morocco.
This one I love  Eats well with others. Check out her other recipes, lots of great ideas to be had!

The final pieces that keep me smiling in this time of change... My practice (once I get out of bed and take my socks off), snuggling in bed, and the certainty of the summer warmth and it's return.

'What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.'

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