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Who you are. Not what you do. 18th of March, 2014
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How many people have you had ask “What do you do?”. This question riles me in so many ways. The reply we give almost always evokes some kind of judgement, be it good or bad, whilst never really providing the questioner any insight into who you truly are. So why do we ask the question? Habit, our need for labels or perhaps an intention of finding similar ground.

Let me change the question. Who are you?
I am a yogi, lover, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, guide and a great listener.
I love fresh produce, the ocean, flowers, music, tea, warm weather, routine, candles and high heels.

When you practice yoga on the mat you can allow it to be something you do. You can physically tick  the box and wipe your hands of the task before you even roll up your mat. OR, you can use the mat as a starting point to answer the question, who are you?

Over the years of practising yoga I find myself in a place where my mat is the one thing I attach to. Once I spread my fingers wide and reach back through my heals in my first downward dog, I am not only doing yoga, I am being yoga. I am soft and strong. I commit and surrender. I am aware.

With this as my starting point each day the qualities spill out into the rest of my world. I easily draw comparisons between my asana practice and the way I teach, the way I love, communicate and function. Eventually the comparisons are not needed and instead it just is. I just am. My yoga is me. That is what I do and who I am.

There is no right and wrong, no good and bad, no should and should not. No labels to evoke ego.
All yoga is yours. You are a yogi. This body that you have is a laboratory for life, a field of experimentation and perpetual research. Learn. Play. Grow

This post comes from my ongoing commitment to share all facets of yoga and my understandings with students. With all the changes over the past few years I feel like the flow has drawn me to a place to now share more. 

My intention, to create a space of satsang. Satsung is a Sanskrit word that means 'gathering together for the truth' or more simply, 'being with the truth'. Over the coming months there will be opportunities to widen our community of yogis, bringing travelling senior teachers into the mix, encouraging friends and family to join us, full weekends of all things wellness to create awareness in many sectors of our lives, the introduction of yoga for the kids and month long commitments to kick start change with juice cleansing, mediation and yoga components.

Let the Satsung begin!


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