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A Wanderlust first-timer... 30th of August, 2016 Post a comment

Wanderlust: The irresistible desire to travel, practice yoga, eat well, be green, appreciate art & create community around mindful living.

Let’s do it!


I head in as an individual soul, seeking little explosions of understanding, an affirming experience, and a smile from the universe. Wanderlust Sunshine Coast, what will I learn and uncover here? Here are 4 things I learnt as a Wanderlust first-timer.

1. Being a yogi means realising that we are not all the same; but wanting to hang out anyway.

First thing I notice, Wanderlust is not the set of ‘Clueless’ circa 1995 or any other American teen movie based on stereotypical cliques ie. If we don’t all look the same, dress the same and like the same things: we simply cannot be friends. We all have our own style, ideas, views and experiences both on and off the mat. I met many yogis over the 4 days, unique yet somehow in the crazy mosh pit, all strongly connected.

To name a few:

Me- 30, Yoga teacher & business owner from Perth, AUS. Vegan, bendy, loves a bit of yogi bling, recognises her obsession with yoga apparel and devours strong vinyasa classes with intricate anatomical cues.

Tom- Late 20’s worked in rural Victoria as a ‘bush track landscaper’. He practiced yoga irregularly but ended up at Wanderlust as his wife (the keen yogi) decided to pass on her ticket and lay by the pool. The poor girl broke her ankle a week out from the festival. Tom is tall, slender and dresses like a casual ‘Aussie’ bloke would. He likes to talk about his outdoor adventures, drinks beer on the weekends and looks like he has a metal rod running parallel to his spine in any type of back bend.

Lisa- Mid 30’s, mother to 2, living a family life on the Sunshine Coast, AUS. She has been a yogi for 10 + years, is gentle, kind, shy and eager to please.

Sandra- 19, Brazil dancer. In the midst of her yoga TT she asks lots of questions, has a stand out handstand practice and no fear.

JT-  30, Musician from NZ. He is a free loving, hug giving, without prejudice, tattooed guy. Tall, gentle and relaxed.


Five places to call home, five ages, five jobs, five experiences; One clique, one tribe, one family, one Wanderlust.
Lesson - Wanderlust Festival = A kindred clan, not an American school yard.


2. Committing to a simple structure serves me.

First, wake up then follow with any combination of the following actions; walk on the beach, enjoy a green smoothie, attend a rad yoga class, lay in the sun, listen to a swami speak, dance till your legs tire, meditate, hula hoop.

Once the day is complete, sleep. Wake and repeat x4 days.

Lesson - No car, no lists, no set-in-stone plans, no watch, no phone = Bliss


3. I really like being on my yoga mat.

So, none of the promotional material stated that at almost every yoga class on offer you would be asked to leave your mat! I loved moving like a unicorn in the sand, feeling the grass between my toes, dancing to the beat of my breath in circles, hugging the stranger across from me and being blindfolded and asked to crawl to the centre of a ginormous room.

However, by the end of the 4 days all I really craved were the words of my fiery teacher at home, “10 rounds of salutes, go, breath, press your hands down into the mat”.

Lesson - Don’t be fooled by the ‘normal’ sounding blurb in your wanderlust passport! Make space for your own salutes if it serves you, as it's unlikely you will get this ‘comfort zone’ practice in otherwise.


4. I am on the right path. I know just the right amount to be right here, now.

The first few moments in a new environment with brand new companions almost always invites questions,self-judgement, and perhaps fear. It was when the comparisons started in my head as I rolled out my mat for my first session that I decided, enough. I am here, as I am, right now. Worthy and vulnerable. I kept this mantra pinned to my heart during every offering thereafter.

This seemed to be a personal boundary that once set, allowed me to move effortlessly in and out of moments. Each class, connection, experience, flowed and felt spacious. I felt liberated by my current knowledge and excited by the potential understandings to come.

Lesson - Full and empty are both valuable. Feel your capability and vulnerability equally, from here you will grow.


Wanderlust is a community. A group of amazing people coming together, in common unity!

2016 Summer Festival season heats up in AUS with the Perth 108, one-day event, and Sunshine Coast, four-day festival Sept and Oct respectively. Join me at both!

*Tickets and details here-

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