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With thanks... 10th of January, 2014
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What am I grateful for right now?
The butterfly foundation and the assistance they gave me at my time of need, the generosity of my students, and the practice of yoga. A total of $865 raised at the Gratitude Class was accepted with lots of love by my amazing friends at the Foundation HQ this week.

"This is the most wonderful news and we are thrilled at Butterfly that you were able to raise this amount! We really are so grateful as this money will be able to go directly into assisting with the vital services that we provide. Your support will make an enormous difference to the many lives severely affected by eating disorders and negative body image."  Sarah Spence, National Manager Communications & Fundraising

The holiday period has quickly come to a close for most and as such, we quietly return to the comings and goings of our regular lives. As classes resume, I have felt an overwhelming sense of apprehension, a sort of anxiety; will the stillness, space, attention to detail and freedom I felt (both on and off the mat) during my break fall away as I tackle the new year? Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but I intend to stop and take in exactly where I am every day. Rather then letting days slip past where my practice becomes motions, my partner a mere flatmate and the shining sun just a thing in the sky, I am stepping up. Each practice is one of freedom and commitment alike, my relationships are cultivated, and I will take moments in the sun to feel its warmth and notice how happy it makes me :-)

Moments of gratitude this week -

  • A huge group of yogis with warm hearts rejoining me on the mat for 2014 ( A blessed start)
  • Taking timeout to dive in the ocean after early morning class with my lover
  • After class taking 5 mins to sit on my mat, breathe then to bang out a handstand with no fear!
  • The way the sun shines through the trees in my street in the late afternoon

To keep me honest with my intention I am asking for your help. I am asking for you to join me in 'stopping to smell the roses' throughout the year.

Saturday morning class will see an addition to our studio space, 'The Gratitude box'. Keep it alive with your own grateful moments as time moves on. Come to class with a thought of gratitude to be shared. What will your first moment in the box be?

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