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Stretch it out - a simple guide to releasing tension after your workout 7th of August, 2018 Post a comment

If you exercise you should always ensure that you are giving your muscles a proper stretch afterwards. Yoga doesn't have to be an isolated thing, if you can get down on your mat even for 10 minutes and move and breathe mindfully your body will thank you!

Here are a few key favourite stretches of mine after cycle class, intense workouts etc


1. Straddle Forward Fold 

Areas targeted: hamstrings, calves, outer ankles, back and neck

The Straddle Forward Fold is beneficial for stretching out your hamstrings, calves and outer ankles. Added variations also start to target parts of your upper body like back, neck, shoulders etc.


2. Low Lunge

Areas targeted: hip flexors, chest and spine

Cardio activities can be hard on the hips, so this pose is perfect for stretching out hip flexors and the spine. It creates a nice opening sensation that you feel across your chest. The pose releases hip tensions, whilst also stretching and strengthening your lower body


3. Half Split

Areas targeted: hamstrings and calves

Especially after a big run, cycle or just sitting for hours hamstrings and calves tend to hold a lot of tension. This pose is helpful for releasing tightness in these muscles.


4. Half Pigeon Pose

Areas targeted: outer hips, hip flexors, quads

Helps to stretch your quads, open up the hips, and lengthen hip flexors which over time increase range of motion.


5. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Areas targeted: Groin/ inner thighs

This pose helps you to decrease your heart rate and relax – essential for after high-intensity workouts and stress. It stretches out groin and inner thighs reducing the chance of strain in this area.

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