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Making videos 17th of July, 2014
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Let me just say now, instructing for an online video is hard work!

While there is less work to be done via verbal corrections and hands on adjustments there is a whole lot more missing when producing a video than the obvious lack of yogis in a room. Namely:

  • bad habits to cue corrections off,
  • the energy of the room to rally from,
  • my seasoned front row students to keep my sequences symmetrical,
  • graceful stacks to watch as new poses are attempted,
  • those deep exhales and rhythmic breaths that fuel our practice,
  • being able to demonstrate on another body to clearly articulate what I am meaning, and
  • a room full of willing chanters as we bring a class to a close.

Making my first full length class via film was somewhat challenging I must say. I love the idea that many people the world over can practice with me and learn. This is the type of ‘think big’ one of my teachers spoke about when I first trained with him in Singapore. He said to me there will come a point where you will realise that teaching classes day-in-day-out will become the same as any other job and that monotonous bell will start ringing in my ear. "This is when you have to do new things, extend your reach, learn more, teach differently, and challenge yourself" he said. I guess this filming is one of those ‘new things’ he was speaking of?

As with everything that seems a little overwhelming at first, once we come out the other side the mountain no longer appears as big, and we find a little piece of gratitude for the day to day ‘grind’.

To all the yogis that show up every week, thank you. I love hearing you breathe, watching you fall, seeing you fly and feeling you experience the pain and the pleasure of it all. It really is a humbling existence.

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