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Gratitude: The state of being grateful; thankfulness 31st of December, 2013
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When I first got shuffled into the theatre room for Saturday morning sessions I felt a little overwhelmed. The space truly is grand; lofty and ornate ceilings, solid timber floors, endless lighting options and perfect reverberant walls.


This unexpected move was not unlike the entire year behind me;
- from teaching all hours in a range of studios, 
- living independently and having little time and focus for my own practice, to
- commencing my own fulfilling, challenging and growing business,
- teaching at a rate that I can commit to every class and every student 100%,
- furthering my own yoga by completing my 500 hour training,
- sharing my world, my home and my love with a partner and 
- allowing time everyday for my practice, asana, stillness and awareness. 


I am a yogi, a teacher, a lover, a friend, a daughter a sister and an aunt. In this life I am grateful and respectful for all my roles. I notice the foundations have come to firm completion and with this I will construct the walls, grow taller, let go and fly. To all the yogis whom attended the final 2013 practice in the grand theatre on Dec 21, I give thanks; you allowed the space to morph from overwhelming in stature to abundant in energy and warmth.

As another year comes to a close it is definitely the time to call gratitude to the front of house. 2013 has grown into one of my all time favourite years, surely to be surpassed by the years to come. For now, I map out all that I am thankful for and make a clear and conscious commitment to the new year. Just do it, in every possible way that these words can be utilised.

What are you grateful for in the year that has passed, what is the dedication you make to yourself for the year ahead?

Sutra 1.1 Atha yoga anusasanam: Now (commences) the exposition of yoga


Zoom Kobe XIII ZK13

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