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A different space doesn’t make a different me 27th of November, 2013
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“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside”

Being in a different space for the last week reminded me of how far I have come. East coast Australia is a completely separate world for me; family, old friends, memories of my youth, kids, weddings, more physical space and time on paper, less personal space and time in reality. The abundance of differences in the past week highlighted how much yoga acts as my only stable, my loyal companion.

My time away saw me retrace footprints and surrounded me with people and things that at one point truly unbalanced, confused and affected me.

What I found this time however, was that my sense of harmony didn’t change. Each morning as I took my place on my mat I watched my breath and I felt like me; my body moved as it does at home in Perth, my breathing was guiding my practice and ultimately I felt the same. A deep understanding slowly washed over me.

I understood in that moment on my mat that who I am is so true and strong that a change in surrounds and dynamics doesn’t waiver me. What is just is, we are not to change the people around us or even ourselves we are simply to use yoga as our little tool to find our own truth and to live it every damn day, no option or exemption.

We so often see our lives as labels or commodities, things we are to others and the things we have attained. When we let our yoga practice play out its’ roll, it becomes all that we are and all that we have. In finding this out we also find contentment in the way that we are and the way that the world is.

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